//Hemodialysis: a Procedure to Get Through

Hemodialysis: a Procedure to Get Through

English is one of the most important languages that every student should master in order to be able to compete globally and work internationally. It is also the same way to nursing students. The need to understand kinds of new nursing knowledge and apply it in the field and communicate in English professionally for them seems as a must in recent years due to the demand of professional nurses to work all around the world. This book is created by compiling from some major sources and being equipped by attractive yet easy-to-understand language. It is hoped to help the future readers understand new issue in a simple way. The benefits of this book are:

  1. Great explanation about topic with an easy diction.
  2. Delivering new information.
  3. Providing with a detailed information.

This book consists of 2 unit which are explained in detail in the discussion of each chapter, including:

Unit 1 Dialysis

Unit 2 Hemodialysis