//English for Informatics, Informatics Systems, and Informatics Engineering Students

English for Informatics, Informatics Systems, and Informatics Engineering Students

This book is an essential resource tailored to enhance the English language proficiency of students in the informatics field. This book integrates language skills development with practical knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT), providing a comprehensive learning experience that prepares students for academic and professional success. The book consists of 20 units designed to improve students’ English skills in the field of ICT. The 1st unit, “Do you know computer hardware and software?”, introduces the basics of computer hardware and software. The 2nd unit, “Do you use ICT tools and devices for daily activities?”, explores the use of ICT tools and devices in daily activities. The 3rd unit, “How often do you use ICT tools in daily activity?”, analyzes the frequency of use of ICT tools. The 4th unit, “Do you have ICT tools or devices?”, discusses ownership of ICT devices. The 5th unit, “How many ICT tools/devices are available?”, examines the number of ICT devices available. The 6th unit, “Do you know people in ICT and their work?”, introduces figures in the ICT field and their work. The 7th unit, “What are the specifications of the devices?”, discusses the technical specifications of the devices. The 8th unit, “How much does this tool or device cost?”, examines the price of ICT equipment. The 9th unit, “Do you know where are my tools/devices?”, discusses device location management. The 10th unit, “How do ICT tools/devices work?”, explains how ICT devices work. The 11th unit, “Do you know how to use ICT tools/devices?”, guides using ICT devices. The 12th unit, “What’s wrong with my ICT tools/devices?”, discusses troubleshooting ICT devices. The 13th unit, “Do you like playing games (e-sports)?”, explores the world of e-sports and gaming. The 14th unit, “Do you have a social media?”, discusses the role of social media in everyday life. The 15th unit, “Do you agree or disagree with the development of ICT?”, invites discussion about the development of ICT. The 16th unit, “Do you know the updated news related to ICT?”, provides the latest information related to ICT. The 17th unit, “Do you like graphic design?”, introduces the basics of graphic design. The 18th unit, “How do you get a job vacancy?”, guides on finding job vacancies. The 19th unit, “How do you write an application letter/cover letter?”, teaches how to write a job application letter. The 20th unit, “How do you write a curriculum vitae”, provides a guide to writing a CV. Each unit is designed to build specific skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, while also integrating practical tasks that reflect real-world applications. By the end of the book, students will have developed the linguistic and technical competencies necessary to thrive in both academic and professional settings within the informatics sector.