//Corporate Communication and Tourism Networking

Corporate Communication and Tourism Networking

Corporate communication and Tourism Networking is a strategy built to knit relationships between companies and their stakeholders. It is a theoretical and empirical study that is very important for an entrepreneur in the tourism sector to master and professionally operated to gain favorable support from the business environment.   The ability to design, implement, manage and evaluate communications between companies and stakeholders is the key to success. Stakeholders’ support for the company, both internal and external, will enable the company to achieve a predetermined business plan. Corporate communication and tourism networking is a strategic management tool that used to orchestrate information broadly to corporate stakeholders through appropriate channels of communication according to stakeholder clusters. Tourism enterprises are characterized by complexity of stakeholders which must be managed professionally to ensure that each stakeholder contributes according to their part to improve the company’s performance. The corporate network will be strengthened and expanded through the planning and implementation of professional corporate communications through in-depth research and studies so that the performance results of corporate communication and tourism networking can be measured and evaluated simultaneously.