//English for Operational: Tour and Travel

English for Operational: Tour and Travel

“English for Operational Tour and Travel” is an all-encompassing guide, specifically crafted for students and professionals in travel industry who aspire to excel in English for tourism. This book spans across 12 detailed chapters, including greetings in tourism, time and salutation, self-introduction in tourism settings, hotel operations involving check-in, check-out, and transfers, meeting service language, crafting tour itineraries, English for hotel management, restaurant conversation skills, transportation for tourism, applying guiding theory in practice, and professional development in tourism. Each chapter presents vital information includes exercises that are directly linked to the necessary skills required in the tourism sector. A key focus of this book is to help learners master the four essential English language skills, emphasizing the ability to communicate effectively and professionally in the travel and tourism industry. To enhance the learning experience, the book extensively uses photos and pictures, which serve as valuable visual aids and keep the students engaged. The unique teaching approach integrates exercises and conversations, catering to different learning styles, including situational, grammatical, visual, and auditory preferences. This method ensures that the learning needs of all students are met, making it an invaluable tool for those aiming to become proficient English speakers in the tourism¬†industry.