//Literature: Theory, Philosophical Thought, and Approaches to Literary Study

Literature: Theory, Philosophical Thought, and Approaches to Literary Study

The creation of this book is the result of the thoughts of the writers and editors entitled LITERATURE: THEORY, PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT, AND APPROACHES TO LITERARY STUDY”. This book provides an overview of literature from theoretical and appreciative-applied perspectives. This book has appropriately been arranged in some chapters that provide readers with insight into the literary works. Literature is an expansive term that covers a wide array of artistic expressions involving written, spoken, or sung forms that employ language to convey ideas, emotions, and experiences. This includes an extensive variety of creative and intellectual creations like novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and essays, both in written and spoken forms. In a more specific context, literature functions as an art form enabling individuals to articulate their creativity, thoughts, and emotions through language. This often entails the utilization of literary devices, figurative language, and various stylistic elements to communicate meaning and evoke emotional responses.